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It's A Small World After All {24/25} PART 1

Title : It's a Small World After All
Pairing(s) : KyuMin, YeWook, and Eunhae
Genre : drama, romance, fluff, and if you don't read the smut then I guess it's implied smut? IDK.
Warning :
Rating : NC17 for this chapter... and probably for the next chapters.
Disclaimer : the plot... I own it.
Summary : What happens when Ryeowook leaves Sungmin with Kyuhyun, his idol best friend, and runs off with Yesung. What happens when Sungmin finds out that his bestfriend is dating his ex-boyfriend. What happens when their worlds shrink and they're all bound together?

***CHAPTER 24***

“I love you, Yesung. I always have,” Siwon made a motion to hold Yesung’s hand which was resting at the edge of the round coffee table but the latter swiftly shoved it away. He sighed, his hope dropping by ten percent, but he did not give up. He looked up at Yesung, noticing the uneasy look on his face yet paying it no mind. “Would you love me, too?”

Yesung opened his mouth to speak, but no words were able to make it out. He blinked, only realizing then how long he had been keeping his eyes wide. Sure, he had an unusual feeling the moment he saw Siwon earlier that day. Sure, he liked Siwon in the past and he knew it was wrong for they were relatives. But all his reveries of Siwon were in the past. Past is past and never to be discussed. Once he was able to partially get over the shock Siwon had caused him, he looked down at his mug and held it unsteadily with two hands. “Siwon, I,” he whispered softly yet loudly enough for said man to hear, “I don’t…”

Before Yesung could even finish his sentence, Siwon stood up from his chair. “It’s fine,” he smiled brightly at Yesung… so brightly that only one who was aware of the situation he was in could tell it was fake.

“Siwon,” Yesung looked at him apologetically. As much as he liked and felt sorry for his relative, he just couldn’t say yes to his offer. It being wrong was one of his reasons for rejecting Siwon, but we all know there was something else.

“It’s okay,” Siwon lied, “I’ll give you time to think about it.” He smiled again and walked out of the shop without even saying goodbye. He paid and got rejected; he thought those were enough to fill in for his absent goodbye. And besides, he didn’t want to add up his politeness to Yesung’s debt of gratitude towards him.

Yesung blankly eyed the mug sitting on the coffee table, trying to adjust his mind to what just happened. He stupidly gawked at it for minutes, blinking occasionally. He did not even know what he was thinking about. All he knew was that he was thinking about something.

“That won’t go away if you solely stare at it, you know,” Yesung’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted when someone settled himself on where Siwon was previously at.

“Eunhyuk,” he blinked; the blank expression still on his face.

“Uhh, yeah.” Eunhyuk snapped his fingers and a tall female clad in café uniform instantly appeared in front of him.

“I’ll have a Java-Chip Frappe and strawberry cheesecake on his,” he pointed at Yesung, “Tab.” He quickly said before the waitress even had the chance to ask him whether she should take his order.

“Shouldn’t you be at school?” Yesung noticed that Eunhyuk was clad in his school uniform – baggy, woolen sweater and black trousers – and was bringing along a school bag.

“I should be asking you the same question, mister school nurse,” the younger male smirked. The smile on his face disappeared the moment he set eyes on what Yesung was wearing, “I know you’re hot and everything. But should you really be excessively exposed like that? I mean, seriously. You’re like twenty one in the body of a twenty nine year old guy who looks like he needs to be married.”

Yesung looked himself down and mentally face-palmed at the recognition that he was still wearing what he wore in his sleep – a white, fitted tank and black jogging pants. It wasn’t his fault he panicked the moment he saw unconscious Sungmin and forgot about changing clothes before going out.

“You could’ve at least fixed your hair,” Eunhyuk leaned on the table and rested his chin on his palms. He had an amused smirk on his face, “In my opinion, though, your bed hair look is really hot. You should show yourself out looking like that more often,” he winked.

“Hm,” Yesung brought his mug up to his lips and sipped some of his already cold coffee, “You’re contradicting. And why are you flirting with me? What are you… like, sixteen?”

“I’m eighteen.”

Yesung sighed. Right then was not the best time to meet his overly nosy dongsaeng. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

“It’s raining,” Eunhyuk tilted his head towards the window and pointed his lips, “I was on my way to school when the rain started pouring. So I came here.”

“Liar,” Yesung said exactly a millisecond after Eunhyuk’s statement, “Classes had started hours ago.”

“Well I guess I have no escape then,” Eunhyuk shrugged.

Yesung let out a sigh. He lifted his back slightly from the chair and grabbed his phone from his pocket. He was supposed to check the time but the first thing he saw was the message on the screen saying “Your message has been successfully sent.” He stood up from his chair and walked a few steps away from where he was seated and towards the exit of the café.

“Yah!” Eunhyuk raised his hand to get Yesung’s attention – but then realized he was stupid for Yesung had his back turned towards him, “You’re still paying for my order.”

Yesung tilted his head slightly towards Eunhyuk’s direction and gave him a blank glare which made the latter sink to his sink.

“You should’ve brought along an umbrella,” Eunhyuk snarled exactly after the wind chimes above the café exit clanged.


Kyuhyun impatiently paced around the room with his fingers brutally gripping his locks. He was panicking – he does not panic. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he semi-yelled at Ryeowook who could only sit and watch him walk around anxiously.

“Slipped out of my mind,” the smaller boy said uneasily as he fidgeted in his seat.

“Slipped out of your mind?” Kyuhyun snarled. He stopped pacing and turned to Ryeowook with an intense glare on his face. He slammed his arms to his sides exasperatedly, “What if something bad happened to him? What if he’s in an actually bad condition right now? Is that all you can say? It slipped out of your mind?”

Ryeowook felt himself sink in his seat. He wanted to speak but he didn’t know what to say. He felt disrespected for Kyuhyun was younger than him and had no authority to speak to him like that yet he knew he did something wrong. All he was able to do was stare at his fidgeting fingers as Kyuhyun nagged him.

“Let’s go,” Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook up by the hand. He was wearing a black turtleneck, baggy jeans, a hat, shades, and yellow furry mask.

As much as Ryeowook wanted to tell Kyuhyun that his cute, furry mask looked out of place with his whole outfit, he was aware of how dead serious the latter was and he didn’t want to go floating in the air for something that was supposed to be a joke. Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook out of his seat, out of the house, out of the building, into the rain, and into his car. Ryeowook settled himself in the front seat and stared out the window. It was raining heavily. It was only 11am and the sky was already dark as that of 7pm.

“What hospital was it, again?” Kyuhyun asked. He started the engine and pulled the lever so vigorously that it made the boy beside him gasp.

“A-Asan,” Ryeowook stammered.

“Call Yesung.”

“What?” the boy seated in the passenger front seat widened his eyes at Kyuhyun’s statement, “Kyu. You do know there’s something going on…”

“Just call him,” Kyuhyun hissed before Ryeowook could even finish his sentence. He backed his car up and started driving.

Ryeowook sighed. He shakily took his phone out of his sling bag. He didn’t want to call Yesung but part of him wanted to talk to the man. He dialed 1 and pressed the call button. A shiver ran down his spine the moment the phone started beeping. It beeped once, then twice, “The number you have dialed cannot be reached at this time. Please try again later.” And another beep, “He’s not answering.”

“Call him again,” Kyuhyun said dully without even looking at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook sighed as he tried calling Yesung again. He got the same response from his operator. He suddenly felt worried about Yesung. It was raining and the last place he saw him in was outside his home. He thought that maybe Yesung was still having coffee in the café he saw him in… or maybe the guy he was with took him away. Ryeowook briskly shook his head, hoping the thought would get shaken away as well.

“Keep calling him until he answers.”

Ryeowook heaves another sigh. “I’m telling you,” he dials Yesung’s number anyway, “He’s not answering.” He did as Kyuhyun said. He kept calling and calling and getting the same response from the operator. Part of him wanted to tell Kyuhyun that no matter what he did, if Yesung’s busy, he’s busy, but the other part of him wanted to hear Yesung’s sexy, breathy voice so bad. He missed Yesung and he wouldn’t even deny it to himself. It had only been a day. It’s dumb, yes, but that was the way it was. He didn’t stop calling Yesung until they finally reached Asan hospital.

Kyuhyun maneuvered his car into the middle of two other cars in the parking lot. He turned to Ryeowook, “What did he say?”

“He didn’t answer,” Ryeowook pouted.

Kyuhyun sighed exasperatedly. He turned the engine off and stepped out of the car. Ryeowook did the same. He quickly walked towards the hospital building, not even minding the rain.

“Kyu! You’ll catch a fever if you walk around like that,” Ryeowook ran towards Kyuhyun’s side and raised a book he grabbed from his backpack above the latter’s head. He could have put it above his since Kyuhyun was wearing a woven hat and he wasn’t… but that was just the way he was.

Kyuhyun didn’t even bother looking at the older boy trying to keep his head safe from the rain – he didn’t even notice he was there. All he could think about was Sungmin. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was thinking about Sungmin, all he knew was that said person’s name kept running in his mind. He went towards the receptionist the moment they reached the hospital’s interior, griming the already grimed beige carpet splayed on the floor. “Is there a Lee Sungmin brought into here?”

The middle-aged woman behind the desk looked at Kyuhyun for a few seconds – she probably found his getup peculiar. She lifted up a blue book and browsed through a few pages. She then ran a finger down one page. “Yeah. He’s at Ward C, second floor.”

Kyuhyun briskly walked towards the elevator after hearing what the receptionist said. He could have sworn he heard his heart beating. Ryeowook bowed at the woman and ran towards Kyuhyun, trying to catch up with him. ‘You’re more worried than I am,’ he was itching to tell Kyuhyun. They got up to the second floor and into the ward the receptionist told them Sungmin was in. “Sungmin,” Kyuhyun said, making one of the nurses in the room turn towards him.

She smiled at Kyuhyun and walked towards one of the curtained beds. She drew the curtains open and revealed a peacefully sleeping Sungmin.

Kyuhyun ran towards his side and so did Ryeowook. He was peacefully sleeping yet he ironically looked uneasy. He was pale, and there were black circles around his eyes. “What did Yesung do to him?” Kyuhyun uttered to himself.

“Yah,” Ryeowook snapped at him.

Before Ryeowook could even tell Kyuhyun what he wanted to, the nurse from before butted in. “About an hour ago, he was rushed into here by some older man then he left,” she sighed, “Sadly none of our doctors are available as of the moment so we can’t really comprehend what’s wrong with him. But… it seems like he passed out from solely stress.”

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook both hoped that it really was because of stress.

Ryeowook took his time to stare at the nurse and think about what could have happened – although he probably already knew. His phone suddenly rang. He gasped and excitedly took it out of his pocket, thinking it was who he was hoping for it to be. It was an unregistered number. He frowned. “Hello? Yes… yeah,” he widened his eyes, “Where are you? Ok. I’ll be there.”

He shoved his phone into his pocket and ran out of the ward.

“Ryeo,” Kyuhyun tried to call out his name, but before he could even do so, said boy disappeared. He sighed. Now all he can do is stare at Sungmin’s face and wait for him to wake up… if he ever will, that is.


Eunhyuk stumbled into his house just after he succeeded unlocking the main door with hardship. As if it's not bad enough that he fell to the floor all soaked, he just had to have someone equally soaked shifting their weight on top of him. He breathed heavily and stayed that way for a while, waiting for his breathing to go back to normal.

"Aigoo, hyung," he said in between pants as he pushed away the body on top of him that went rolling once to the side. He stood up and pulled his soaked, unconscious company to the bathroom by the shoulder.

Just when he was halfway to the bathroom, the main door flew open and a vexed Donghae fled into the scene. "Eunhyuk!" he yelled, worry evident in his tone. His wide worried eyes transformed into glaring ones once he laid eyes on Eunhyuk trying to carry a person he knew. "So let me get this straight. You called me to come here to what? Show me that you're fooling around with other guys?" Donghae frowned, "But we just made up!"

"Dumbass!" Eunhyuk hissed, "It's not like that. I'll explain later. Right now I need your help," he glared at the man he was pulling, "With this guy."

The frown on Donghae's face disappeared as his lips formed into the shape of an "o."

"Yah!" Eunhyuk yelled, "I told you to help me! Are you just gonna stand there and watch?"

Donghae ran towards Eunhyuk and grabbed the unconscious man's legs and pulled them up while Eunhyuk carried him by the shoulders. "I'm helping you now. Are you still having PMS?"


Kyuhyun had been sitting on the wooden chair beside Sungmin’s bed for almost an hour now. He had lost track of how many times he had asked the nurse questions that go around the lines of “What’s going to happen?” “Is the doctor here already?” “What was diagnosed?” He felt the urge to ask again. He opened his mouth to speak and closed it again, thinking that he was going to get the same answers as before. He sighed.

“When is he waking up?” he asked himself. He stared at Sungmin’s face which was tilted to his side. He noted every one of the boy’s features. “He truly is beautiful.” Thinking back, he realized that there really was something between him and Sungmin… something he had never felt for anyone before, not even for Ryeowook. Was it love? Not quite. ‘If it is love, it’s newfound,” he thought. They had sex on the day they first met, he used him for stuff like getting away from a scandal and making the person he loved jealous, he treated him like shit, raped him. He realized that somewhere along those lines, he did develop a special something for Sungmin. ‘Or maybe,’ he thought to himself, ‘I had always loved him. I was just too prideful to admit it to myself.’

He held Sungmin’s right hand with his two hands. “I guess,” his thoughts finally decided to come out of his mouth, “I guess I did… no. I guess I do love you, Sungmin.” A soft smile played on his lips as he thought about the things he could have done for Sungmin during their times together. The soft smile turned into a sad one as he thought about it again, looking at it from a different angle.

“Excuse me,” Kyuhyun was just beginning his reverie when the nurse from before interrupted him. He looked up, “Sir, the doctor is here.”

Kyuhyun hastily snapped up from his chair, pushing it banging to the wall. “Really? It’s about time!”

“You’ll have to leave for a bit,” the nurse said.

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  • Until You Love Me

    Title : Until You Love Me Pairing(s) : KyuMin, implied YeWook, and Hyuk and Hae are here and they're pretty much a couple so... Eunhae Genre :…

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