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Drama doesn't follow me it rides on my back.

I may be ugly but they sure love to stare.

Okay... hmm, how should I begin?

1. Well my name is Janni.
2. I was born on a Tuesday, third of September.
3. I'm not gonna say I act older than I am because I DON'T T.T ..
4. I can't even read smut!! *rants*
5. I like writing and I'm pretty good at drawing.
6. I also like other things like blogging, ranting, complaining, arguing, cuddling, eating, breathing, sleeping, punching people and blah.
7. I am VERY materialistic.
8. I love Super Junior.
9. Sungmin is my ultimate bias... some think it's Yesung, though. I wonder why.
10. I'm good at computer stuff xD
11. I only like pink because of Sungmin.
12. I hate kisses.
13. I love hugs.
14. I only like dogs because of Super Junior.
15. I still don't like cats, though.
16. My phone's name is Lipstick 'cos it's red.
17. My iPod's name is Sungmin because it has this Belkin pink leather thing as a case.
18. My Walkman's name is... Walkman.
19. All my bedsheets are Barbie.
20. I'm not very bright when it comes to school.
21. I can be good at reasoning, though.
22. I have fingers probably just as small as Yesung's.
23. I change my FaceBook and Twitter usernames... A LOT.
24. My favorite colors are red, white, and gray.
25. I'm really bossy... as in REALLY.
26. When asking a favor, I don't beat around the bush or say "Will you please," or "Please kindly..."
27. I have a personal slave I call "자기야."
28. I'm Christian-Catholic.
29. The person I love after God is me.
30. I am forever alone.
31. I like eating. I eat almost everything as long as they're not bitter.
32. My hair is short.
33. Some may say I look boyish but trust me... I am ANYTHING BUT boyish.
34. I am lazy... very... very lazy.
35. My talent is procrastinating.
36. I get envious and angry easily.
37. I'm really hard to make friends with IRL...
38. People say I'm unapproachable.
39. My temper is very short... VERY.

Is that it? I guess that's it... ohwell~ If you wanna know anything else, just ask me kukuku~